The Week Behind Us… October 1-7

Let’s Start With Food….

These are some random shots of food I made this week…  The top two are the ingredients and the finished result of Chicken Pho that I made in my Instant Pot.  It has a basic structure but I have made it my own recipe over the time I make it because I use what I have on hand most times.  I will put this recipe up later for you guys.  I had a specific request for that recipe from a friend so it will be soon.

The middle two photos are a pot roast and veggies we had one night and the right one is some roasted sweet potato fries, broccoli and some AIP meatballs I had in the freezer.  The meatball recipe comes from Amy Myers MD.  They are so good… she has a LOT of great recipes on her site.

The bottom two photos are from our Saturday morning breakfast today.  On the left you see a paleo fruit cobbler from Jennifer Robins.  You can find her book here… (I don’t make money when you click this link or buy one if that is a thing for you).

The bottom right picture is the finished breakfast with gluten free blueberry muffins, breakfast cobbler, and scrambled eggs.  See, I am trying to eat better.  Now, if I could just ditch the hot weather so I am not craving Blue Bell Ice Cream we would be good.

Family News

We also had some big stuff this week with a cross country final for the youngest.  So proud of him for pushing through and finishing.  Running is a bit tougher for him with his “pigeon toed” situation but he does it with no stopping and we have figured out how to overcome some of the pain issues he had when he started.  He was so determined to do this sport and I am so proud of him!  I said that twice…. because I AM PROUD OF HIM!  LOL

There are two sky photos in the mix because this week has been beautiful with the moon and the lovely landscapes around here.  The last picture is our high school senior trumpet player extraordinaire.  Super proud of him, too!

Ok, Mama brags over…

Projects Done or In Progress for the Week

I still have not gotten stuff up on Etsy… sorry folks.  I did finish the brown pair of fingerless gloves this week and have a set of sunflower coasters ready to go.  I have a green and orange pair of those gloves in the works for this coming week.  I will also be making some boot cuffs to go with a few.  For those who sell on Etsy… question… do you just put items up as they are done or do you do a lot of things and put them up all at once?  Also… do you take special orders?  Just curious since I am so new to this process.

The bottom panel is my bullet journal.  I decided to do an 18 Before 2018 plan to get myself back on track before the new year goals and plans take over.  This is where you write down 18 things/goals you want to accomplish before 2018.  It is typically things you need to tackle before the new goals and plans start. I have some things I just want to have in place or done before we start a new year in three months.  It may seem a little early to think about that stuff but my brain needs some closure before the new starts.  This process keeps me from rushing ahead and keeps me focused on what needs to be done NOW.  You can find out more about this process over on Boho Berry’s blog or with the Marketing Creativity blog.

Reading Progress

Last but not least, I finished two more books this week which brings my yearly total to 33 books out of my goal of 40 books in 2017.  The books are These Healing Hills by Ann H. Gabhart and Warren Wiersbe’s Be Faithful (commentary on 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus and Philemon)

I am ahead of schedule and have about five books lined up that I am working through over the coming weeks.  There will be book reviews on all of those.  I am also starting my December Christmas reading stack soon.  I love cozy Christmas reading.  There will be a post with those when I get through the Write 31 Days Challenge.

A Few Other Things I am Reading Lately… From Around the Web

30 Things to Let Go Before the New Year

How Writing Saved My Life

50 Books from the Past 50 Years Everyone Should Read at Least Once

Selling Books from William Faulkner’s First Writing Room (because I went there this summer and if you are ever in NOLA you MUST go see this!)

9 Things that Make You Unlikeable

and a recipe… Flourless Sweet Potato Muffins

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you find something here helpful, fun, insightful, or just lovely.  As always, comments are welcome… questions, comments, jokes, puns… anything you like just keep it clean.  LOL

Like, follow, come back often and, by all means, HAVE AN AWESOME WEEKEND!





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