Joy to the World: A Regency Christmas Collection

I am so delighted to share this new collection just in time for Christmas! Kregel Publishing has put together a Christmas collection with really delightful stories from three great authors.

There are three stories in this collection:

Don’t you love those titles? I do! These stories are all set in the Regency Era. They are all novella length so you can enjoy them as you prepare for Christmas. Brew up a hot beverage and sit by a cozy fire as you enjoy lovely stories from Christmases past. These stories are perfect for putting you in an old fashioned Christmas mood.

Carolyn Miller (author of the Regency Brides series) shares a tale of love lost when two young people who were on the verge of becoming engaged suddenly call it off. A little over a year later they are reunited in a seasonal house party and spend several uncomfortable days avoiding each other. Their love of music might be just the thing that breaks the barriers that have kept them apart but the question remains… is Edith willing to let it?

In the story from Amanda Barratt (author of My Dearest Dietrich and The White Rose Resists) two emotionally and physically broken young adults are brought together in a way that only God could orchestrate. Would they find restoration and healing and maybe a companion in each other along the way? God’s plan is so beautiful in this one!

Erica Vetsch (author of Serendipity and Secrets series) continues her recent Regency series (I have reviewed the first two book here on the blog for you) This is a shorter story that fits between books 2 and 3 but it is easily a stand alone story for this collection. The Haverly Manor has a portrait painter come to paint several members of the household for Christmas. The widow, Lady Priscilla, is at first, cold to the artist and pushes any feelings she might have out of her mind. She has a child to raise and has no time for silly romance… at least that what she keeps telling herself. Feelings for this portrait painter from Scotland begin to flourish as he spends time with the family over the holiday season. Can she fight it or will she let things take their course?

All three stories are written from a Christian perspective. They are, what I call, gentle fiction. I love how you can see God’s hand in each story. These are delightful stories to add to your seasonal collection. Enjoy them and then share them with a friend or buy copies to gift to all of the fellow Regency readers on your Christmas list. The book is available wherever books are sold.

I received this book free of charge as part of a book tour. I was asked to read and give my honest opinion. I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!

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