At Lighthouse Point by Suzanne Woods Fisher

This is the third book in the Three Sisters Island series by Suzanne Woods Fisher. The overall story is about a father and his three daughters who are living on a small island on the north eastern coast called Three Sisters Island. Each book focuses on one sister and her story with traces of story for the other two. The father’s story is told through all three with a lovely surprise ending for him in the final book. The series can be read out of order or as individual stories without needing a lot of background. There are always little connections that are made better by reading a complete series and this is a delightful series. I encourage you to pick them up if you have not read them. They are great summer reads if you are looking for something to start your summer break. This particular one leads up to Memorial Day weekend for it’s close.

The final novel, At Lighthouse Point, is the story of the youngest sister, Blaine Grayson. She has just returned from a trip to Paris that turned into several years in culinary school there. She was escaping some hard events that forced her out of her culinary program in the United States. She was also struggling with the continued heartache over the loss of her mother several years earlier. As she journeyed through this new life in France she found that God had a plan for her there in France but she faced some hard days to get to that point. When she arrived home she had a young man from that new life named Jean-Paul with her. These stories always have an element of faith and overcoming in them. Fisher weaves beautiful threads of faith throughout her stories.

I don’t want to spoil the stories of the other sisters here in this review so I will only say that the other two sisters are still in the picture and they are all now living with their father at Kicking Moose Camp. Paul, the father of the bunch bought the camp property in the first book and he and his daughters joined forces to get the camp up and running for the summer camp season. It seemed the community is not really excited about all the summer “guests” that come to the island during this time. There are dire mistakes made in the designing of the new kitchen and a multitude of repairs have gone unnoticed for a long time. On top of everything else the estranged grandfather of the girls and father to Paul shows up unannounced to stay indefinitely. The big question the family has to ask is, “Will we be ready to open by Memorial Day?”

There are community struggles, camp struggles, sister conflicts, life decisions, and there is always romance in the air somewhere on the island.

I received this book free of charge as part of a blog tour from Revell Books and was asked to read and give an honest review. I really enjoyed the whole series but I think this one is my favorite. I loved the young Chef Blaine and her adventures and was often hungry as I read about all her delightful food. She was a creative young culinarian with some amazing motivation to accomplish her goals and dreams.

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