Dusk’s Darkest Shores by Carolyn Miller

Isn’t that cover lovely? This is the second story from Carolyn Miller that I have enjoyed. She writes Christian fiction and, in particular, novels set in the Regency Era. She was part of the Regency Christmas collection I shared with you all at Christmas. I do enjoy a good Regency novel these days. This one is the first in a trilogy to be released in the coming months. The series is called Regency Wallflowers but I guarantee the young lady in this story is a lovely woman with great focus on her calling. This Heroine is not what most people mean when they call someone a wallflower in modern times. If you want to find out more about Carolyn Miller and her other books you can head over to her website. You can also sign up for her newsletter to stay on top of the coming books in this series.

Mary Bloomfield is the daughter of a physician. She has poured herself into being his assistant and has let marriage age pass her by. Those around her continue to remind her that her stubborn and forthright spirit seems to be running men off. She seems to have little concern for what they have to say. She has faced some hard situations in her work and seen many things most people never encounter. She has found a life with which she can find contentment and is not really looking for companionship among the male population of her community.

A friend of her family, a woman named Emily, is waiting for her fiancé, Adam Edgerton, to return from the war. She got word that he would be arriving solo ahead of his troop. Both his family and her family find themselves concerned to hear this news and await his arrival with trepidation. Once he arrives the community realizes that he is not the man who left. With his medical needs Mary is forced to come alongside him in a battle for his life and future. Both Adam and Mary find challenges ahead they never dreamed they would face in their lifetime. The only thing that would sustain them is the God that would bring peace in the midst of the worst that life can throw at them.

This story has no shortage of drama and adventure. Carolyn Miller’s writing kept me quickly turning pages. She has a great talent for descriptive writing and for crafting a beautiful narrative. I was enthralled with this tale. I loved the life of Mary and her compassion and sensitivity toward those she worked with even in the darkest and hardest of situations. She had a real gift for comforting and encouraging those she treated. It is a beautiful story!

I truly enjoyed being a part of this blog tour team. I received a copy of the book for free from Kregel Publishing. I was only asked to read it and give an honest review to share with my readers. I am delighted to recommend this novel and look forward to the next two in the series. If you love regency era novels and hardship forged love stories this is a perfect fit for you. Check out the link below to enter a giveaway for this book and a great collection of goodies to go with it.

Head over to this link to register for the giveaway and join in the fun!

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