Rustic Plum Pie

I have been offline for the month of June and am still plugging away until the middle of July, except for blog reading and writing. I have taken several breaks from social media this year. I have deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts completely and am toying with the idea of walking away from Instagram still. It is looking more and more like I will leave a shadow account to point here to the blog and keep my list of friends there to check in with once a week or so.

With the time offline I have done some serious clearing of stuff. I sent 5 boxes of books out as well as about 10 bags and boxes of stuff we no longer need. I feel lighter with each thing that leaves. It has been good for me to dive into this project.

God has also been doing some things in our lives here that have us really clinging to Him right now, too. I don’t feel like sharing yet but our lives are changing and God is doing a new thing with us.

One of the things I am doing more of is diving into a few cooking shows I have had in my queue for a long time. Rachel Allen is a culinary instructor and chef in Ireland. She has several shows up on Amazon Prime and BritBox. This Rustic Plum Pie is one I made the other day after watching one of her episodes. I happened to have plums in the refrigerator and I don’t need much incentive to eat pie. It is super quick and tasty with a side of whipped cream or ice cream.

I suspect you could substitute other fruit in this recipe. I might try one with peaches or apples soon. I encourage you to check out Rachel’s shows if you have those streaming options. She is a great teacher. Every time I watch an episode I want to get on a plane and head to Ireland. She shares the food and beauty of the country in every episode. I have tried several of her recipes and have not been disappointed. Check out her recipes and her cookbooks.

One thought on “Rustic Plum Pie

  1. The pie looks lovely, Leann! I’m so proud of you for deleting your Twitter and Facebook! I did the same years ago and miss neither. I still have my IG account in deactivated mode, and have not drummed up the courage yet to let it go. Someday, hopefully. Hope you have a great Wednesday!


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