I have Sicca Syndrome (I was originally diagnosed with Lupus because they are very similar in symptoms)… the research is sparse on this so far for me but I have learned a few things. My eyes, nose and mouth are SUPER dry most of the time. I keep a water bottle with me at all times, use eye drops and love humid days. Allergy season is a bear for me! I also have secondary symptoms such as fatigue, aches and pains, joint pain/arthritis and super dry skin.

I also have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis which causes hypothyroid complications such as weight gain, loss of hair and slow nail growth, fatigue and very lethargic days. I have recently been through the process of switching medications and gained 15 pounds without even trying. It is utterly frustrating to say the least. I am working on building up to a normal energy level again so that I even feel like exercising and getting back in shape. It is slow… I am slow… but I will fight back. It is the stuff of life.

I also suffer from mild fibromyalgia symptoms but it all overlaps so much I don’t know where one starts and one stops most days. The most recent development is a bout with seborrheic dermatitis since last February (2020). The masks have not helped that to get better and it is a daily battle. I have been researching and changing habits, supplements, and diet to find some relief. The only thing that has consistently kept it at bay is a topical steroid which has thinned my skin. It is not good for the self esteem to constantly look in the mirror to find swollen red places all over my face. It is humbling to say the least. It is amazing how the way we look effects us so much. The one thing I know in all of it…

God is always good… He will use every bit of suffering to shape and mold me into His child. Now, I didn’t say he CAUSED the issues but I guarantee He USES it all. I will lean hard into Him.

Blogs and Websites That Are Helpful

I follow many of these for their nutritional advice and recipes but do not subscribe to or endorse the spiritual aspect of many of them. I just wanted to make that clear up front.

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Helpful Books I Use

Coming soon… I will share supplements and things that are helping me each day.